Start a new relationship with your working environment.

Take the driving seat and change the way you pilot your activity.

With the SINADEO solution

Focus on what is essential

View the full picture

Act accordingly

Evaluate instantly the risks, costs, impacts and benefits for an optimal profit with the right investment.

Sinadeo, a decision support tool without equivalent on the market


Designed to deal with critical challenges about the Business Units profitability, SINADEO and its predictive dashboards addresses the most complex environments.


Switch naturally from the global picture to the least details of your activity.

Model, anticipate and draw your roadmap with accuracy.


Switch from macro to micro…

Global view

Analysis by components

Analysis by categories

Swing smoothly from macro to micro levels and vice & versa. Visualize your projected costs under the most relevant perspective of analysis.


Anticipate & Optimize

Merge the key data of your PLM (Product Line Management), Marketing, Research & Development, Procurement and Project functions at the origin of your programs.

Drive your product cost trajectory with accuracy and reach your final target.

By modeling the dependencies between your supplier offers, your products BOMs, your production and development investments and sales forecast, SINADEO creates the full set of possibilities for the evolution of your program.

Thus, you allocate and combine your resources with serenity, adjusting your actions to any event and converging to the best option.


Optimize & master

Adopt a Total Cost of Ownership approach in the development of your solutions by integrating both services and products right at the origin of the offer life cycle.

Apply rigorous product development methodologies to your services.

Adopt a Total Cost of Ownership approach in the development of your solutions by integrating both services and products right at the origin of the life cycle.

Manage and negotiate your design, logistics, installation and integration services in an industrial way. Apply rigorous product development  methodologies to your services.

Telecom networks, Smart cities, Signaling …, SINADEO adapts to many sectors.


Master & sustain

Model your activities and their interactions.

Sinadeo supports you to validate your strategic orientations with confidence.

Mobilize and organize the key data related to the different activities within your organization.

Use their dependencies and observe the possible evolutions of your key performance indicators.

Work in confidence

The Sinadeo expertise is the result of an internal project which became a reference at Nokia.

Our know-how is recognized by international corporations.


François Marthan, the experience of project management in multifunctional and multicultural environment

Founder of SINADEO, expert in Operations, Procurement and Project management in international industrial competitive environment, François Marthan capitalizes 20 years of experience for major actors of the Telecom industry out of which the NOKIA Wireless Transmission Business Unit from 2012 to 2019, where he initiates an innovative solution of projected product cost modeling which has become a reference at Nokia.

From this successful application resulted a solution enlarged to every sensitive domains of activity: SINADEO.

Sinadeo before Sinadeo?

A cost-tracker for the product cost monitoring & profitability analysis.

  • Immediate evaluation of commercial risks
  • Understanding of the sales volumes / component costs elasticity.
  • Reliable modeling of products cost projection
  • Resources optimization according to a mastered cost reduction plan.

Our first customers projects ?

Innovative solutions for middle size and large private and public companies:
  • A decision support tool for the implementation of strategic directions, for a French public company
  • A product cost projection simulator, for a European player leader in high-tech industry
  • A project “Should cost” model, for the same European player

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