Smile …
with the Sinadeo expertise

In the beginning of this summer 2020, we are seeing many signs of activity restart for various industries. The recovery is there, nevertheless cautiousness remains. And Sinadeo, active for several weeks, has perceived during each prospection emerging needs, particularly from middle size companies.

“Change the deal”

The new market conditions brutally faced by many industrial sectors are changing the deal. A greater caution is prevailing about direct and indirect investments enforced by the fragility of the order books. However, the vital digital transition has already and logically been engaged by the decision makers, materialized into some ambitious and costly programs.

And now?

Both time and money are missing.

Can one reconcile dealing with emergencies and securing the medium term?

At Sinadeo, we are convinced that the answer is positive. Thanks to our expertise in the Operations, we are in position to immediately improve your terms & conditions by supporting your project and sourcing teams on field.

We combine “As is” analysis, quick win chasing and business data organization. The understanding of your activity and related processes is progressively and continuously exploited in “Agile” mode to build a digital model enabling to “financially read” all the evolution of your projects.

The Sinadeo solution appears as user-friendly customized dashboards enabling to instantly assess risks, costs, impacts and benefits in any complex environment.

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